Applications | SharpTools
  • Visualize and control your SmartThings Devices
  • Control your home through powerful Tasker plugins
  • Quickly control your devices from homescreen and notification shade widgets
  • Access to deep device capabilities with support for custom attributes and methods
  • Shortcuts to quickly control Things, Modes, Routines, and SHM
  • Widgets that display 'active' state of your devices
  • Widgets that display device values or text
  • Notification shade tiles for quick actions
  • Deep Tasker integration for Things, Modes, Routines, and SHM
  • Query the current status of your devices or smart home
  • React to events in your smart home in Tasker
  • Pass Tasker variables to SharpTools Tasker plugins
warning Routines and SHM have been deprecated by SmartThings. See this community post for details and workarounds.