Why people choose SharpTools over ActionTiles

Feature voting interface displayed on a laptop.

Rich Features

  • chevron_right Unique features like Album Art, Calendar Agenda, News Feeds, and more!
  • chevron_right Community feedback drives ongoing development
  • chevron_right Custom features unlock your creative potential!
Feature voting interface displayed on a laptop.
An elder man hold a ipad with smart home dashboard displayed.

Intuitive and Polished

  • chevron_right An intuitive interface enables you to build stunning dashboards
  • chevron_right Drag and drop items where you want them
  • chevron_right Polished design makes things fun again!
An man explaining SharpTools smart home dashboard interface to another.

Fast & Quality Support

  • chevron_right Fast response from a helpful support team
  • chevron_right Engaged and active community
  • chevron_right Exciting community developed integrations
An man explaining SharpTools smart home dashboard interface to another.
Smart Home dashboard displayed in iPad and rule automation editor displayed in a phone.

Beyond Device Control

  • chevron_right Flexible automations enabled with Rule Engine
  • chevron_right Dashboards and Rule Engine work together!
  • chevron_right Custom integrations with rules and dashboards
    • (IFTTT, Zapier, WebCoRE, etc!)
Focused on delivering value

SharpTools releases new features/updates every few weeks and is constantly evolving. We want SharpTools users to enjoy the newest and greatest updates without being restricted by release versions.

Start free, premium optional

Take advantage of the SharpTools Free plan and discover what potential you can unlock with your smart home. Upgrade to SharpTools Premium only when your smart home needs grow.

Engaging community

We are fortunate to have an amazing community of talented and supportive smart home enthusiasts. Learn from the community or even use Custom Tiles developed by the community.

Cross Platform

Mix and match your SmartThings and Hubitat devices in the same dashboards and automation rules. SharpTools connects both without needing an additional license for each hub.

Create Your Custom Dashboard Now!

Hear what people are saying about SharpTools

Best support team in the industry. Any Industry!


I find the SharpTools UI more intuitive, especially for designing your layout.


Goodbye webCoRE & ActionTiles, Hello SharpTools!


Great product, looks good and easy to use.


SharpTools is an easy to use product, and it's getting much better all the time.


I’ve found the support team at SharpTools much more responsive and collaborative.