A central place to view and control your smart home.

Beautiful smart home dashboards with device controls and other integrations presented on Fire tablet and phone.
View and Control
  • View device status at a glance
  • Control devices, modes, and security
  • Execute routines, rules, and automations
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Reasonable defaults with advanced customization options
  • PIN protection for critical tiles/dashboards
  • Mix and match hubs, devices, and locations
  • Media tiles for cameras, weather, traffic and more
  • News feeds, calendars and more

Works With

Home Assistant

View and Control

Dashboard tiles to control and view smart devices' state

Smart Home Device Control

View and control your connected Homey, SmartThings, Hubitat, or Home Assistant smart devices. Dim the lights, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat and more all from a beautiful and intuitive dashboard. With quick access to automations, security, and smart devices, SharpTools dashboards put you in control of your smart home.

  • chevron_right Check that the doors are locked and closed
  • chevron_right Turn off the lights before going to bed
  • chevron_right Adjust color bulbs to set the mood
  • chevron_right Tap a routine or rule to quickly adjust your whole home
  • chevron_right Secure the smart alarm before heading out
Dashboard tiles to control and view smart devices' state


Dashboard with weather forecast, camera video and real-time traffic integrations

Images and Media

Media tiles can be used to display a variety of images and media including real-time traffic, family photos, beautiful weather forecasts, or even your security camera or baby monitor.

Media tiles include support for:

  • chevron_right MJPG, GIF, or streaming images
  • chevron_right JPG, PNG, and other static images
  • chevron_right Periodic image refresh
Dashboard with tiles to open iOS/Android apps or web pages

Apps and Hyperlinks

Hyperlink tiles can be used to open Android apps, iOS apps, or web pages. These tiles enable quick navigation to other resource from the dashboard. Here are some apps that are commonly hyperlinked:

  • chevron_right Spotify
  • chevron_right Ring
  • chevron_right YouTube
  • chevron_right Tasker (Android)
  • chevron_right Facetime (iOS)
Dashboard with tiles to open iOS/Android apps or web pages
Dashboard with weather forecast, news, and calendar agenda integrations

Calendar and News Feeds

Show a monthly calendar or agenda on your dashboard to make sure you don't miss an important event. Calendar tiles can be configured to show events from multiple calendars concurrently, including:

  • chevron_right Google Calendar
  • chevron_right Apple iCloud Calendar
  • chevron_right Microsoft Office 365 Calendar
  • chevron_right Facebook Event

Display news from your favorite news source. Choose from popular news feeds, or any RSS feeds you like.

  • chevron_right BBC, CNN, New York Times
  • chevron_right Gizmodo, The Verge, TechCrunch


Drag-and-drop interface to arrange tile layout

Deep Dashboard Customization

Customize your dashboard to your very own taste and need. Reasonable default settings are provided out of the box so you can easily create stunning dashboards and advanced options are available for deep customization. Our unique drag-and-drop interface helps you arrange the layout exactly the way you want.

  • chevron_right Beautiful background images and colors
  • chevron_right Drag-and-drop editing interface
  • chevron_right Customize tile icons, size, labels, colors and more!
  • chevron_right Use the Hero Attribute layout to display any value
  • chevron_right Options and customizations unique to each tile type
Drag-and-drop interface to arrange tile layout
PIN protection prompt

Tile Security

For critical devices, such as doors and locks, you can set PIN protection to restrict control, or prompt for confirmation to prevent accidental touches.

Security settings can be applied to whole dashboards or individual tiles, giving you the greatest flexibility and convenience. Security options:

  • chevron_right Full Control (Default)
  • chevron_right View Only
  • chevron_right Confirmation Prompt
  • chevron_right PIN Protected